Elementary, Middle School and High School Workshops
Heavy on high energy interaction, these workshops use improv games and exercises to share some basic improv ideas: listening to your scene partner, always saying “yes, and,” and having fun in the moment.  Whether its middle school or high school students, families, seniors, or another group, Move Your Tale customizes each workshop with activities specific to your needs, while providing a positive, supportive, and empowering experience!

Facilitator Training
We also offer specific workshops focused on providing valuable resources for teachers, educators, youth leaders, or anyone else looking to learn skills and exercises which they can bring back to their classroom, business team, or other group.  Participants learn how to apply improvisation, creative expression, and clear communication into their daily activities, in order to better tell their story.

Pricing depends on the number of hours, days, and attendees, as well as the location of the workshop.

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