Euless is the New Improv Capitol of the World

For a group that hadn’t really seen any improv before, the audience members of Euless dove right in and gave us a show to remember! I think the Euless Public Library has been or most physical show yet and crowds tend to like the more physical shows even more than we do.  I hope we can catch another wave in Euless some time soon.

Of course the day started off just down the road in good ole Southlake at the Southlake Public Library where we dazzled some of the younger audience members with our best seahorse and crab impressions.  During this show we made a disparaging remark about green beans.  We want to make it clear that we enjoy the taste and are ever-grateful for the nutrition of the green bean. We sold out the staple vegetable for a joke and we were wrong.

Free green beans for the first 15 audience members at our next show.