All Ages Night Mission

Here’s the idea…

Move Your Tale’s All Ages Night at ColdTowne Theater is more than a weekly comedy show, it’s a unique platform for teens to perform their own brand of improv, sketch and stand-up as well as learn what it takes to put on a live production in a real theater. A mainstay on the ColdTowne calendar since 2012, the student-driven ethos of All Ages gives teens valuable hands-on experience, demonstrating that shows do not appear out of thin air, but a collaborative team and multi-step process work hand-in-hand to make live stage productions work.

Interesting, what does that mean, exactly?

All Ages’ ultimate goal is a showcase for students, by students, yielding transferable skills and complete ownership of a 60 minute slot in a real, fully functional comedy theater.

Oh? Tell me more.

Move Your Tale takes student-volunteers and trains them in areas that traditional school programs might ignore or not offer because the scope lies outside of a narrow curriculum. Many of our students have theater aspirations after high school and All Ages offers an opportunity to gain applicable experience before entering college programs or professional theater groups where they’ll already be equipped with the tools for success.

All Ages is an immersive and complete model of production from stage managing, to hosting, lights and sound, recruiting and booking, even marketing design and strategy. Move Your Tale has access to a reservoir of professional talent that provides student-volunteers with focused and full attention during training sessions.

Awesome, I want in. What do I have to do?

It is not required that volunteers be registered students with Move Your Tale to participate with the All Ages Night program.  All Ages Night welcomes any individual that has an interest in learning production skills, behind the curtains and on stage.

Move Your Tale will host a monthly training session for volunteers at no cost though it is suggested recipients of training will fulfill that role’s duties for at least one All Ages Night show. An up to date schedule of training sessions will appear below.

If All Ages sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, please e-mail us at and we’ll provide you with everything you need.