Aaaand cut, that’s a wrap! Check out what we made at Video Sketch camp!

Our campers were hard at work this week writing, producing and editing their very own sketches. That’s sketches, guys, not skits. We’re talking real-deal, mature and professional SKETCH.

Led by Courtney Hopkin, member of Austin sketch group Your Terrific Neighbors, students were broken up into three groups to create three sketches to premiere at ColdTowne Theater before a real audience on Sunday the 28th at 5:00PM.

Just a small sample of what these kids accomplished this week:

    • Conceptualized and wrote scripts
    • Built and assembled props and wardrobe
    • Scouted filming locations
    • Yelled the following, in particular order: Rolling! Quiet on set! Action! Do it again, this time make me feel the pain! Perfect, cut!
    • Oscar award winning performances*

*Not the Academy Awards, but Courtney’s son and campgoer, Oscar

Check out the unique and hilarious results below:
Baby Take Out by Josh, Leo, Atticus, Oscar and Olivia

Extreme Drought by Dexter, Kevin, Max and Zoe; special appearance by Kai as Emo Daniel

Kids News Network by Charlotte, Kai, Scarlett and Harper

and here’s some experimental bonus footage shot by Charlotte and Kevin: O World